Masud Rabbani

Masud Rabbani, Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Rabbani serves as Wallbox’s Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Rabbani has served as Wallbox’s Chief Commercial Officer since February 2019. Mr. Rabbani has over a decade of experience in big multinationals like Google and Sony, as well as a handful of startups. After graduating from Vienna University of Economics and Business with a degree in Business Administration and Management, Mr. Rabbani began his career at Sony, where he developed experience in budgeting, forecasting, P&L analysis, product marketing, and business development. Mr. Rabbani later joined Google as a financial analyst, later becoming the Global Accounts and Agencies Head of Analytics for Southern Europe. Mr. Rabbani then transitioned to Senior Sales Consultant for Google’s Vertical Search, in which he developed the analytical platform and optimization tools for Vertical Search Products for Google's largest travel clients, and worked closely with product and engineering teams to improve the product performance for clients.